How to Improve Security in Your Condo Building for 2024

How to Improve Security in Your Condo Building for 2024

Residents choose to live in a condominium complex for various reasons, from location to convenience to the amenities offered. Condos are often situated in prime locations, offering stunning views or easy access to community landmarks and desirable neighbourhoods. Condos also offer amenities within the building that many residents value having access to, such as entertainment spaces, exercise facilities, swimming pools, and more. 

Another prime feature of a condominium is the security measures provided for residents, giving them peace of mind in any location. While there is a general sense of security living in a highrise residential building with managed access to the facility, there are several ways property managers can improve the security of their condo buildings in 2024 that don’t require hiring additional security staff or a twenty-four-hour security guard. 

Install Secure and Convenient Access Control Systems

Every condo building needs an entry system that permits residents and authorized individuals to enter the building while preventing the general public from entering or any other unauthorized access. Keyless access control systems are excellent solutions for condominium buildings. Residents gain approved access using a key fob or a convenient app on their phone without having to worry about physical keys. 

Building managers gain customized control over who can access areas of the building at specific times as well as maintaining a paper trail. Knowing who is entering, exiting, or trying to gain access to your building helps boost your security awareness and keep your residents safer. At Safe With Ulli Inc., we install access control systems by leading companies Kentix, Isonas, and Kantech to provide solutions for nearly any size condo. 

Update Your Surveillance System

When was the last time you had your surveillance system updated or even evaluated? Adding high-tech security surveillance cameras to your high-traffic and communal spaces can help you better protect your building and residents as well as deter potential incidents. We recommend installing surveillance cameras in areas such as: 

  • Your lobbies and entranceways
  • Underground parkades
  • Elevators
  • Hallways
  • Gyms
  • Communal Spaces 

Innovative high-tech camera companies make it possible to create security solutions for a variety of settings, especially residential complexes like condominiums. 

Improve the Lighting in Your Parkade and Communal Spaces

A few specific areas that deserve extra attention in any condo complex are the parkade and communal spaces. While adding camera surveillance and access controls helps keep your condo secure, there are other elements that will improve the user experience for your residents and authorized visitors. 

The simple practice of keeping your shared spaces and parkade areas well-lit helps deter unwanted activity by visitors and authorized users in these areas. Installing additional lighting where needed, using a timing system or automatic sensors to save energy, and keeping a maintenance schedule can make a big difference in the atmosphere of your building. 

Invest in Building Maintenance

Building maintenance is a top priority for condo property managers, as there is always something that needs to be repaired, upgraded, or installed. Condo managers should prioritize the upkeep of their properties because effective maintenance contributes to the overall well-being and success of the condominium community. 

Not only are you required to keep your building safe and up to code to comply with regulations, but a well-maintained condo will also make your building more attractive to potential buyers and tenants, which can lead to increased demand and higher property values.

Investing in regular cleaning services and ongoing maintenance shows that you are committed to making the building a desirable location to live. When residents feel they are looked after, they also take more pride in their building. 

Access Control Solutions in Alberta 

Are you ready to make your condominium more secure in 2024? At Safe With Ulli Inc., our security experts are dedicated to helping prevent theft, vandalism, arson, and unauthorized access to condominium buildings and businesses like yours. Book your consultation with our security experts to see what solutions will work for your building.

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