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Designing Safer Parkades: Combining Customized Access Controls with Advanced Security Systems

The state of your parkade will influence your patrons, residents, and customers. When they feel unsafe or unprotected, they’ll spend less time at your facility. If you manage a condominium, your potential residents may choose another building where they feel safe and secure in the parking garage. When managing a commercial space or a condominium with a parkade, you want to look out for the well-being of the individuals who use it and the vehicles they park there. Here are some reasons to consider installing access controls with innovative security systems in your commercial setting.  

Give Your Residents Peace of Mind

Residents choose to live in condos for the convenience, comfort, and amenities a condominium building offers. They also value the security they feel living in your building. The parkade is no exception. As a condo building manager, you want the residents to know they can move about their building freely while feeling safe and secure, including the parkade. 

Installing access control systems gives residents confidence that only authorized users can access the parking facility where they keep their vehicles. Not only does this help them feel safer, but it gives them peace of mind that their vehicle has protection. 

Protect Vehicles & Property 

Limiting who comes into your facility at all hours of the day and night helps reduce the likelihood of property damage to your building and the vehicles parked there. Installing advanced security systems with high-resolution, innovative cameras helps protect from vandalism, theft, and fire. 

Increase Resident, Employee, and Patron Satisfaction

Whether your parkade serves a condo building, a commercial space, or a private business property, you’ll want to have reliable security measures in place. Having access controls and advanced security systems will provide your users with greater peace of mind. When residents, employees, or patrons know you’ve installed measures to protect them and their vehicles, they’ll feel more secure using your parkade. 

Increase Personal Safety

Parkades can instill a sense of unease and even fear in your employees and patrons. Even in the middle of the day, a parking garage that doesn’t use reliable lighting, strategic mirrors, or advanced security systems can be a location for unwanted incidents. At Safe With Ulli Inc., we can help create a custom solution for your parkade that helps prevent incidents.

Protect Against Environmental Risks

An advanced security system installed by Safe With Ulli Inc. also helps you avoid environmental risks. We install MOBOTIX cameras for our clients because they provide the best image quality, cover large areas, and have the capability of detecting environmental dangers, such as sources of fire, before they break out. 

The Convenience of Access Control Systems for Parkades

One of the primary benefits of access control systems is that they can be updated quickly and remotely, ensuring you have the latest software updates and features at your fingertips. You can also customize the design, choosing between different methods to grant access. The more common options include:

  • Secure fobs assigned to users
  • Downloading a secure app to a phone
  • Scanning QR codes at the entrance 
  • Security stickers

Consistent updates and customizations keep your facility safer and reduce the costs associated with other systems, such as traditional locks and keys. 

Track Who Comes and Goes from Your Facility

Using innovative security systems with advanced camera technology means you can track who has access to your building through high-resolution images and your access control log. In the event of a security incident, your management team can review the records to gain important data needed to take relevant action or pass it on to law enforcement. This information increases the chances of solving the incident and preventing further cases, whether it’s an intrusion, theft, vandalism, or another event. 

Security Management Systems for Parkades

When you need to increase the security of your parkade, we can help. At Safe With Ulli Inc., we create custom solutions for commercial properties and condominiums to improve safety and security for everyone. Our innovative, advanced solutions are easy to manage and save you time, money, and stress in the long run. Set up your consultation today to learn more.

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