Camera or Computer Why We Work with Mobotix Advanced Commercial Security Systems

Camera or Computer? Why We Work with Mobotix Advanced Commercial Security Systems

The devices and technology used in the field of commercial security are key components of any system. Unreliable cameras can separate a safe, secure site from locations with increased workplace incidents, theft, or environmental risks. While an advanced, high-tech security solution cannot eliminate all risks, it can play a significant role in prevention and deterrence. This is why the cameras we select for our systems are an important choice. At Safe With Ulli Inc., we choose MOBOTIX because they are leaders in technology. 

Advanced Camera Capabilities

The German company MOBOTIX has provided advanced security systems and cameras since 1999. Their high-tech, innovative cameras allow us to create top-of-the-line remote surveillance systems for your unique work site. Here’s what sets their cameras apart from the competition. 

The Benefit of Custom Solutions

Before we discuss the advanced capabilities of these devices, we want to highlight the importance of a security strategy. The best cameras in the world cannot fix security vulnerabilities. We work with every client to find the root safety and security concerns before recommending a custom solution. Every worksite is different, presenting unique security and safety challenges. Advanced technology and a strategy can help improve the situation.

More than Just a Camera

The philosophy of MOBOTIX and its security products highlights how committed they are to delivering excellent technology to their customers. The company proudly declares that its cameras are not just cameras but computers with lenses. This statement gives you a sense of the innovation and power that these devices are capable of. 

Built-In Storage as a Backup

With any digital product, especially security cameras, having a backup in place for the data collected is vital. MOBOTIX cameras have backup storage capacity built-in, giving you peace of mind that your footage is secure. In the event that an external network recording device fails, you’ll have a backup of the footage stored in the device. 

Leading the Market in Security Features

Security cameras and video surveillance systems must stay on top of the latest technological advances to keep your worksite safe. We choose to work with MOBOTIX to provide our customers with advanced security solutions. An example of an advanced feature is video encryption that happens inside the MOBOTIX camera, keeping your information secure at all times. 

Stay Up-to-Date for Life

One extra benefit of using MOBOTIX cameras is that the company provides free software updates throughout the product’s lifespan. This means your security system won’t become obsolete or operate with outdated software. The design allows your security system to operate with the top tech without the need to upgrade your hardware, making it well worth the investment. 

Advanced Security Systems for Construction Sites

Industrial locations, such as construction sites, can benefit from MOBOTIX surveillance cameras due to their high-tech capabilities and customizations. Whether you want to monitor your worksite to ensure your crew is on the job on time or want to keep an eye on safety, a custom security strategy makes it possible. The clarity and view obtained with MOBOTIX cameras means you can use fewer devices for better coverage than the competition. 

These cameras provide low-light capabilities, giving you a clear view of your project when most other cameras drop in performance. You’ll also receive fewer false alarms regarding activity on your site after hours as these cameras can differentiate between animals and humans and weather elements. There’s no debate about it: MOBOTIX is the leading provider of outdoor security cameras. 

Advanced Security Systems in Edmonton

Our goal is to provide custom advanced security systems for commercial and industrial sites in the Edmonton area. When you have a project to protect, we’re here to help. We walk through your location and ask strategic questions to determine the right solution for you. Contact one of our pro security specialists to get started.

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