Safe With Ulli Inc. System Helps Manage Key Construction Site Monitoring Tasks

Safe With Ulli Inc. System Helps Manage Key Construction Site Monitoring Tasks

Is your construction site secure, or is your technology outdated? Monitoring a job site with limited or old technology can be incredibly frustrating, with grainy images, false alarms, and missed detections. These inaccuracies can put your site and staff at risk. Now imagine your construction site with innovative, cutting-edge technology that allows you to monitor for environmental concerns and control who has secure access to your location and when. Here at Safe With Ulli Inc., we provide comprehensive, innovative systems that help keep your worksite, crew, and assets protected.

Manage Your Crew 

One of the most important tasks in construction management is ensuring that your crew is on-site on time and following safety practices. With high-quality imagery and customizable coverage with modular cameras, MOBOTIX surveillance systems give you eyes on your site when you’re not physically there. 

Event-based video monitoring with MOBOTIX camera systems also gives you a clear view of your location at all hours. Not only can you monitor when your team arrives on-site, but you can also keep an eye on the entire worksite with strategically placed cameras. Knowing what your crew is working on and whether or not safety protocols are followed will help you keep a safer work site. 

Thermal Technology

With the advanced technology of MOBOTIX cameras, thermal technology is also an option that can be enabled to keep your construction site safe. Thermal technology allows you to “see” in virtually any light. You’ll have perfect coverage in the day, night, low light, and even complete darkness. 

Prevent Crime

Crime can be a serious concern for construction sites, especially with the presence of valuable tools, materials, and equipment. An innovative security solution that includes controlled access and event-based video monitoring can help you deter and reduce crime. This means that your system will send alerts when it detects unusual activity, such as a break-in or a sudden increase in activity at odd hours. 

With the cutting-edge technology of Safe With Ulli Inc.’s robust systems, you’ll be able to reduce false alarms and send only the most relevant alerts to your team. This can save valuable time and resources and ensure that your site is monitored effectively to prevent criminal activity before it happens.

Generate Useful Data

After a safety or criminal event, having accurate, useful data is important. When you install an innovative video monitoring system, you’ll have clear video footage of the event, audio recordings, and evidence of who gained entry and when. These details can make it easier to help recover stolen goods and track down the individuals who committed the crime. 

Additionally, with cutting-edge technology, your system can automatically detect suspicious activity with a high rate of accuracy and send alerts to your team in real time. Investing in the right technology allows you to generate valuable data to improve your site management system and safety practices going forward.

Construction Site Monitoring in Edmonton

Safe With Ulli Inc.’s controlled entry solutions are an essential component of any construction management plan. With our comprehensive suite of technology, you can optimize your crew’s workflow, monitor attendance, prevent crime, and perform environmental monitoring with ease. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that your site is monitored to the highest standard, with reliable alerts and data gathering to support your site management and security protocols. 

With Safe with Ulli Inc.’s security solutions, you can be confident that your site is safe, secure, and productive, leading to successful project completion. Contact one of our pro security specialists today to learn more.

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