Video Monitoring Solution

SafewithUlli provides event-based video monitoring for MOBOTIX camera systems via a monitoring station that specializes in MOBOTIX IP video technology.

Protect against Theft and Vandalism

MOBOTIX introduced MxActivitySensor in 2013, reducing false alarms up to 90%. Not only can the cameras truly differentiate between actual movement and environmental movement, they can also differentiate between an animal and a human being, resulting in false alarm triggers of less than 10%.

Cost-effective Video Monitoring Solution

Event-Based designated monitoring station to help you reduce criminal activity on your property

Suppose you are responsible for preventing theft and vandalism of a large property such as a construction site, car dealership, or storage facility for expensive materials. In that case, you will have multiple surveillance cameras in place,  capturing what’s going on at your site at all times.

Rather than having staff respond to after-hour activity or paying for costly physical guard services, you enlisted a video monitoring station to be your eyes and ears on-site.

Event-­based video monitoring is the only way to go. Only true, pre-defined activity should trigger the camera to notify the monitoring station. However, traditional video motion detection is notorious for false alarms due to rain, snow, wind, lighting conditions, shaking of the camera mounted on a pole, etc.

More often than not, clients contact SafewithUlli because they are frustrated with paying a lot of money for 24/7 real-time video surveillance without ever being able to catch anyone in a criminal act.

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safewithulli Video Monitoring Solution
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Client Testimonials

“As President for our Condominium Corporation I have been very pleased with the dedication and technical expertise that we have received from Ulli and her staff. When we have had security concerns, the Mobotix cameras/system has provided us with sharp, clear images that have been very useful to law enforcement. So clear in fact that the last incident allowed law enforcement to catch the perpetrators within days. Highly recommend SafewithUlli and Mobotix.”
Joe Buysen, President Rutherford Gates Condominums
“We had Ulli install a security system in our condo complex in Leduc a couple of years ago, and now she installed a fob system which does away with key entry. The professionalism and expertise she has portrayed are second to none! Everything is working fantastic as promised. We will definitely use her again when we are in need of more upgrades to our complex.”
Gerald Wagner Safewithulli Testimonial
Gerald Wagner
“Ulli was very helpful when I needed security for my clinic. Her quote was accurate, and the hardware all came on time. She was also on-site to make sure the installation was completed to my satisfaction. Her concern for my business was very evident in her customer care and her follow up visits. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciated her help in this entire process.”
Phuong Luu Safewithulli Testimonial
Phuong Luu

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