Our Security Solutions

We are recognized across industries for our cutting-edge innovative security solutions & customer satisfaction.

Our security solutions are custom-built for your budget, needs and time frame.

Security Camera & Video Surveillance System

Meet the Smart Camera Systems by Mobotix – Made in Germany.

Their modular camera design allows us to build security surveillance to match your unique challenges and requirements.

The built-in analytics and AI-based apps allow the cameras to make decisions and act or control connected devices without the need for expensive analytics boxes connected to the centralized management platform.

Access Control Systems / Keyless Entry

Do you know who enters your buildings or offices and when? Be in the know with our innovative Access Control Systems!

Easy to use, scalable and fit for any project. Our access control solution makes even the largest projects look simple.

With advanced powerful cloud-based management platforms, manage multiple buildings from the comfort of your chair… at any time, from anywhere.

Video Monitoring Station

It’s 8:48am – Is your crew on-site?

Suppose you are responsible for preventing theft and vandalism of a large property such as a construction site, car dealership, or storage facility for expensive materials.

In that case, you will have multiple surveillance cameras in place, capturing what’s going on at your site at all times.

Rather than having staff respond to after-hour activity or paying for costly physical guard services, we can help you enlist a video monitoring station to be your eyes and ears on-site.

Environmental Protection

How well are your assets protected against physical threats?

Fire, water, theft, vandalism, and air pollution are just some of the threats you should consider when protecting your assets.

Our innovative technologies can help you avoid expensive failures. With a system equipped with early fire detection and other features, your assets are secured against fire, freezing pipes, water damage and more.

Our Specialties

Condominium Security

You work hard to create a great place to live – we work hard to keep it safe. Security cameras, access control and environmental monitoring help to protect against theft, break-ins, vandalism, illegal garbage dumping, and frozen pipes. Unlike older analog cameras, our IP cameras produce picture clarity 300% greater than Full HD Television, so you can actually identify any wrongdoers on your property.

Construction Sites

Construction site video surveillance is one of SafewithUlli’s specialties. MOBOTIX M16 DualLens cameras are an ideal solution. Thanks to thermal technology, it provides perfect coverage during the day, at night, in low light, and even in complete darkness. Given their extremely high resolution, two cameras are often sufficient to secure an entire construction site.

Bonus: we can program the cameras for a time-lapse video of the construction project for marketing purposes.

Retail Security and Analytics

There is a growing demand in the Retail Industry for systems that analyze visitor frequency and customer behaviour in stores. SafewithUlli’s innovative camera products can collect invaluable statistical data for marketing & personnel planning and theft prevention.
Our access control solutions include options for biometrics-based time & attendance management systems.

Automotive Dealerships

Car dealerships are often targeted for theft and traditional surveillance is unsuitable for identifying suspects. Instead, you want to have a system in place that detects the threat before the criminal act occurs, enabling you to notify authorities and protect your assets.

Environmental Monitoring

Water damage caused by frozen pipes accounts for the second-highest number of insurance claims in Alberta. We offer an early warning system that detects freezing pipes using securely networked wireless low-temperature alarms. This creates non-intrusive building security for residential and commercial buildings.

Audit Trail

An accurate audit trail of who-when-where in your building lets you quickly determine who had access to critical areas after an incident. All of our access control solutions provide you with an audit trail to prevent unauthorized access, protect against theft, avoid liability and eliminate the need for costly lock changes due to lost or stolen keys.

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