5 Reasons Condominium Building Managers Need to Invest in a Top Quality Commercial Access Control System

5 Reasons Condominium Building Managers Need to Invest in a Top Quality Commercial Access Control System

Residents choose to live in condominium buildings because of the convenient amenities, in-demand locations, low maintenance, and increased feeling of safety. We understand that you take the safety and security of your residents seriously, which is why we’re sharing five reasons why investing in a top-quality commercial access control solution will not only make your residents happy but make your security management system easier. 

What Is an Access Control System?

Access control systems are a type of security solution that allows you to control who gains entry to your building. Your residents may have an access card, a fob, or an app on their phone that allows them to open the doors to the main building, the parkade, and other public areas within your condominium building. There are many ways to customize your entry systems to suit your building layout and the number of people who need access. 

The Benefits of Commercial Access Control Systems

1. Keep a Record of Who Comes and Goes

As a commercial condominium building manager, you have many people coming and going through each entry and exit daily. Imagine having an automatic record of each person who passes through your doors. Commercial access control systems provide you with an accurate and detailed audit trail of every entry and exit, which basic locks and keys cannot provide. 

2. Help Your Residents Feel Safer

People feel safer in their homes when they know everyone else requires special access permission to enter their condo building. Not only will they feel safer, but they will also be safer, with access control systems that prevent unauthorized access to the building. 

3. Keep Public Areas Safer

The public areas of your condo building also need protection. With smart access control systems, you can manage who has access to which rooms and at which times. Do you have a gym in your condo building? Keep the facility secure and accessible only by your residents during certain hours of the day or 24 hours a day. Need to schedule work inside your building? You can provide access to technicians during limited hour windows to prevent unauthorized access outside of pre-approved times. 

Setting up access control systems on your parking facilities or parkades also helps your residents feel safer, knowing that only other residents can gain access to the parking areas. In other public areas, you can install access controls to include conference rooms, lounges, bike storage, resident storage, or private green spaces. 

4. Convenient Access to Your Building

Cutting-edge access control systems make it easy for your residents to enter and exit your building, as long as they have their access keycard, fob, or mobile app set up. When a resident loses their fob or keycard, you can quickly and easily deactivate that card’s access and issue a new one without disrupting any of your other residents. Not only does this high-tech solution save your residents the inconvenience of changing the locks on the doors and issuing new keys, but it also saves everyone money.

5. Have Instant Controlled Entry on Who Enters Your Building

You can have instant control and more of who has access to your building, including where, when, and how. High-tech security tools provide locking components for virtually every door you might have in your building. Need to assign limited-time access to a particular user? You can do that too. Whatever your commercial security needs may be, we have solutions. 

Controlled Access System Installation in Edmonton

When you need innovative access control systems installed in your condominium building, Safe With Ulli Inc. is here to help. We provide high-tech solutions from top-quality security technology companies so you can make your residents feel safer living in your condo building. Contact us today to get started.

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