3 High-Tech Options for Condo Access Control Systems

3 High-Tech Options for Condo Access Control Systems

One of the top reasons buyers choose a condominium is its security. There are other perks to condo living, such as the community aspect, convenient locations, access to communal spaces, and taken-care-of landscaping and other building maintenance. Condo living can also be empowering since the residents of the building elect their condo board directors from the residents. There are no unresponsive landlords involved. The condo board can more effectively listen to residents’ concerns and make smart decisions that benefit everyone in the building, especially with security concerns. If your condo board is considering an upgrade to building security, here are three recommended high-tech options for secure condo access control systems.

Types of Access Control Systems for Condominiums

Condo residents want to feel safe and secure coming and going from their homes. Residents also want peace of mind that only condo residents and their guests are coming and going from the building. Secure access systems provide this security by restricting access to the building and communal spaces to those with authorized access. You can also take granting access a step further with high-tech solutions to restrict access to communal areas at certain times of the day and keep audit trails of who is coming and going when.

Secure Access Built Into the Handle

One security feature that helps you with managing access to your building is a secure access system built directly into each door. A simple installation of a battery-operated wireless e-door opener and a smart access panel will allow authorized individuals to open the door with an app on their phones. This convenient system makes authentication and authorization simpler. You can even create individually adjustable time-user profiles to manage access to certain areas by certain users. The mobile app makes it simple to set up or deactivate access as residents move or change mobile devices.

Secure Access with a Fob

Replacing lock and key systems with a secure fob system has several benefits. Fobs can be deactivated if they are lost or reported stolen without affecting the rest of the residents. This eliminates the cost of replacing lock systems each time a key is compromised. In the event there are security concerns in your building, fobs can also be traced to learn who is gaining access to which doors and when. Furthermore, you can customize and create rules that limit access to certain areas of the buildings.

High-Tech Telephone Entry System

Another option is to use a high-tech telephone entry system that connects to a building camera and keypad. Rather than relying only on a traditional audio verification entry system, adding video capabilities reduces the risk factor of residents granting access to people they don’t know. Telephone entry systems that use video also make it easier for building managers to verify technicians or other professionals scheduled to maintain the building. You can easily verify a visitor with live video against their ID or work badge. In the event there is concern over a visitor to your building, you can also maintain a visual audit trail.

Why Upgrade Your Condo Access Control System

Most condos have some type of access control or security system in place, but in many cases, these systems need an upgrade. This is largely related to the date of construction of the building and the condo board’s limited knowledge of security options. It comes down to three factors:

  • Protect the residents in your building.
  • Protect your building and infrastructure.
  • Reduce costs on long-term maintenance.

With high-tech access control systems, you can grant different levels of access with keyless entry options or mobile access, helping everyone feel safer and more secure in their homes.

Access Systems for Condominiums in Edmonton

Implementing access control systems for your condominium is straightforward when you work with our security system experts here at Safe With Ulli. We can offer expert advice on which system best suits your building and your security needs. Book a consultation with one of our experts to get started on your security upgrade.

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