Condo Security Cameras

You work hard to maintain your property. Security cameras will help protect against property damages, losses, and liability issues. There are numerous benefits to securing your condo building with security cameras, including the following:

  • They are often a huge deterrent against against vandalism. Once vandals realize that your building is protected by video surveillance, they will elsewhere.
  • Security cameras help create a safer environment for tenants and reduce the fear of crime.
  • They offer increased detection. If you are unfortunate enough to have you vehicle broken into in the parkade, you will have a better chance of catching the culprit if capture on video camera.
  • Is there any condominium building in Edmonton that doesn't have a problem with illegal dumping? How much money do condo boards waste having to haul away unwanted mattresses, couches, and TV sets abandoned on moving day? Investing in a security camera system can save you money in the long run.

SafewithUlli provides cutting edge video solutions to protect against theft and vandalism. We specialize in condominium security, successfully dealing with illegal dumping, mailbox theft, parkade theft and break-ins, exit doors being propped open, and much more. We are able to design and install completely new systems, or are able to convert existing cabling into network cables and replace existing cameras for a system upgrade. By utilizing extremely high resolution pictures, we are able to provide better coverage with fewer cameras than a traditional video surveillance system. Our cameras are robust and practically maintenance free. Since they do not contain any moving parts, the product lifetime is increased to 10 to 15 years.

Cutting Edge Camera Technology:

Analog vs. IP 

Out Dated Analog Security Camera System  Mobotix M15 Camera DualLens

The image on the left shows the quality offered by an out of date analog system. The image on the right shows the HD clarity and resolution offered by a modern Mobotix camera system.

Does Your Building Already Have An Older Camera System?

Most existing analog camera systems have Coax cabling in place. Unless it is easier to run new Ethernet Cat5e cable, it can simply be converted into a Network cable, often resulting in substantial savings. 



When deciding on a surveillance system that best meets the security requirements of your project, remember that you are looking to positively identify events from video footage captured. Always opt for the most robust system and highest quality video that your budget will allow. Before making any decision on a video surveillance system, consider taking us up on our offer to provide you with an on-site consultation, free of charge. It might prevent you from making some common and costly buying mistakes.

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