5 Ways to Step Up Security on Your Construction Site

5 Ways to Step Up Security on Your Construction Site

Construction sites can be attractive locations for theft and vandalism because they contain valuable supplies and equipment. According to Axis data, construction theft costs Canadian businesses a staggering $300 million to $1 billion annually. To keep these assets safe, your company may need to step up the security at your construction site. Better security doesn’t necessarily mean additional cameras or an on-site security guard. Making your location safe requires strategic plans and high-tech security systems that can save you time, money, and stress. 

Protect Your Assets, People, and Project 

Protecting your job site helps ensure that your supplies and tools stay safe and your projects continue without interruption. Here are five ways that your company can improve your security set-up on your Edmonton area construction site.

1. Create a Robust Site Security Plan

Safety is essential in any construction project. Having a robust site-specific safety plan (SSSP) helps protect your crew and contractors by providing safety guidelines to follow at every phase of the project. The key is to make sure everyone knows where the plan is and has access to it. A robust security plan should also be updated as construction progresses.

2. Use High-Tech Surveillance Systems

High-tech surveillance systems provide clarity and security by delivering high-quality video coverage across your site. One of our preferred camera companies to work with is MOBOTIX because their camera designs are cutting-edge in capability, design, and function. Each camera operates independently, keeping your data secure and safe in each unit. 

Built for Alberta Temperatures

As your crew bundles up for sub-zero temperatures, do your security cameras also withstand the cold? Our video surveillance systems can withstand the freezing temperatures of Alberta winters, so you can rest easy this winter knowing your construction site is well protected even in extreme temperatures. 

3. Invest in Video Monitoring

Construction sites are attractive locations for theft and vandalism, especially after hours. If you are in charge of preventing theft and vandalism on a large property like a construction site, it’s essential to have a surveillance system. Instead of relying on physical guards or staff for after-hours security, we recommend innovative event-based video monitoring. Traditional motion detection in video surveillance often leads to false alarms. These false triggers are caused by environmental factors, including rain, snow, wind, changes in lighting, or even the camera’s movement if it’s mounted on a pole. 

With a more sophisticated approach to video surveillance, you get peace of mind that your property is secure and that the alerts you receive are genuine. At SafewithUlli, we provide event-based video monitoring using MOBOTIX camera systems that reduce false alarms to less than 10%.

4. Strategic Camera Placement

Having multiple cameras on site doesn’t guarantee effective coverage or higher security, especially if you still have blind spots or the visuals are blurred. While security personnel can only be in one area of your site at a time, an advanced security camera system has eyes on everything all the time. When you use innovative, high-quality cameras, such as MOBOTIX, they provide exceptional video quality and a wide view, giving you greater coverage of your construction site.

5. Use Environmental Protection

A construction site is also vulnerable to environmental hazards caused by weather, wind, water, and fire. Having environmental protection systems helps you catch physical threats sooner. MOBOTIX offers advanced thermal sensors alongside their powerful cameras. These sensors detect heat surges before a fire starts, giving you time to act quickly and prevent significant damage to your supplies and project. 

Commercial Security Solutions for Construction Sites

Your construction site has ever-changing security needs, depending on the phase of your project. Our advanced commercial security solutions are tailored to your location to provide specific security vulnerabilities. At SafewithUlli, we can help you monitor your construction site and equipment around the clock, ensuring complete control and property protection. Contact us today to get started!

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