Critical Technology Solutions for Safe & Secure Construction Sites

Critical Technology Solutions for Safe & Secure Construction Sites

Ensuring the security of a construction site is essential to keeping people safe, protecting valuable assets, and completing the project on schedule. Construction sites have unique complexities when it comes to creating effective security solutions, such as high volumes of traffic coming and going at different phases of the work, the range of valuable materials that need to be stored on-site, and the shifting landscape as the project progresses. 

For these reasons, construction projects require advanced and customizable security and surveillance solutions that fit their needs. To create a custom solution, you’ll need to consider your location, project size, and the specific risks associated with your site. Getting clear on your security goals is where you should start. From there, you can create a solution. 

Advanced Technology Solutions to Consider Installing at Your Construction Site

Construction companies in the Edmonton area who are serious about protecting their job sites might not realize the advancements in technology that are available for security solutions. You no longer need to invest a large portion of your budget on hiring security personnel, security camera systems that offer low-quality imagery, and alarms that send false signals on a regular basis.

Modern security options and surveillance solutions are far more advanced, providing fewer false detections, higher degrees of visibility, and high-tech features including thermal imaging and environmental heat detection. With high-tech solutions, you can keep your construction site safer. 

Advanced Surveillance System 

We specialize in cutting-edge video surveillance systems for construction sites. With MOBOTIX M16 DualLens cameras, you get extremely high resolution and customizable preferences to give you a wide field of view, audio coverage, and crisp video. In many cases, two of these powerful cameras can adequately cover your entire work site. An added bonus to these surveillance cameras is that we can create a time-lapse video of your project that you can use in your marketing once your build is complete. 

Multiple Points Of Data Collection

Due to the size of most construction sites, and the number of hidden corners and viewpoints, it’s vital to install an advanced surveillance system with multiple points of data collection, not just one. As your project moves along its timeline, the size and shape of your location will also shift, changing where the most vulnerable security spots are. 

MOBOTIX surveillance cameras make it easy to customize a solution for your construction site because they offer high-quality imagery using modular cameras. Modular cameras mean that you can adapt and change your coverage by adding more cameras based on your project’s shifting needs. 

Lighting System

Having sufficient lighting on your construction site, especially for overnight security, can help improve safety on your job site, but it’s not necessarily a deterrent for theft or vandalism. We recommend installing MOBOTIX advanced cameras in construction site security systems because they work well in low-light settings, delivering quality imagery that the naked eye cannot. 

MOBOTIX cameras can also be set up for thermal imaging detection. Imagine taking the guesswork out of checking your camera feeds to determine whether a disturbance on your property after hours is a person, animal, or the weather. With thermal imaging detection and full-coverage camera systems on your property, you’ll be able to see your entire site with ease. 

Custom Surveillance Solutions for Your Edmonton Construction Site

At Safe With Ulli Inc., we start with the basic questions to customize a security solution for your needs. We ask for your goals on security: why do you need a surveillance system? From there, we can ensure you have the right solutions to keep your job site safe and give you the best return on your investment. Contact one of our pro security specialists today to learn more.

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