How Construction Site Video Monitoring Replaces Traditional Security Guards

How Construction Site Video Monitoring Replaces Traditional Security Guards

There are many things to protect and keep safe on a job site, including sensitive information, materials, and equipment, especially on construction sites. Due to their frequent proximity to public spaces, the need to prevent theft and vandalism is a high priority. But what is the best solution for reducing suspicious and criminal activity on your construction site?

Traditional Security Guards

Traditional security guards are always an option, but they come with a few downsides, such as human error, limited ability to see all corners of a space, labour costs, and of course, their inability to be in two places at once. 

Real-Time Video Surveillance

The next option to turn to is real-time video surveillance. Without high-tech solutions, video surveillance also has its flaws, despite the ability to put multiple “eyes” on the job site. When camera systems are running 24/7, there is a lot of footage to go through to find suspicious or criminal activity. Furthermore, unrelated events, such as wind, can set off alarms, which wastes everyone’s time and money with false alerts.

Event-Based Video Monitoring

Cutting-edge event-based construction site security cameras provide a reliable solution for construction site monitoring, including the elimination of false alarms due to weather, the ability to watch multiple locations at once, and their cost-effectiveness.

Multi-Faceted Protection

At Safe With Ulli Inc., we work with MOBOTIX, a cutting-edge surveillance camera company who created sensors that reduce false alarm detections by up to 90% compared to other industry leaders. This means you have multi-faceted protection that can differentiate between animal activity and human presence. 

Event-based construction site monitoring also allows you to clearly define what events should set off alarms. That could include registering a flare-up of heat before a fire breaks out or a specific movement signalling an intruder.

In comparison, real-time video monitoring systems are not as sophisticated and cannot filter out unrelated signals such as wind, rain, snow, lighting, or other irrelevant interference. With traditional surveillance, time is often wasted responding to false alarms rather than stopping suspicious activity. On top of that, days worth of footage can take immense amounts of time to sort through. 

Compared to real-time video surveillance, the sophistication of event-based construction site monitoring systems will save you time, money, and peace of mind. 

A Cost-Effective and Complete Solution 

Event-based monitoring systems offer many financial benefits, including the following:

  • Eliminating the salaries of on-site security guards 
  • Less time spent sifting through recorded video coverage
  • Time spent responding to false alarms
  • The loss of assets and other valuables
  • Prevention of incidents, such as fires, and the costs associated

Investing in high-tech event-based security systems can save significant amounts of money in your annual operating budget. Saving money and getting better security protection is a win across the board. 

Many Sets of Eyes

Depending on your job site and the level of protection you need, you can opt for different numbers of cameras across the site. Using high-definition cameras that can capture wider angles simultaneously outperforms the possible coverage traditional security could provide. One or two security guards watching an entire property leaves gaps and opportunities because they are on the move and can’t see everything at once. 

However, with a sophisticated video monitoring system, having multiple, simultaneous viewpoints across your property is easy and creates an effective and comprehensive picture of the site at all times. Your cameras are always on and registering anything suspicious happening across the construction site.

Effective Solutions for Construction Site Monitoring

If you’re ready to invest in a complete and effective construction site monitoring system, look no further than Safe With Ulli Inc. Our advanced security solutions can make your job site safer. You can worry less about false alarms and focus more on getting the job done.

Based on what best suits your needs, we can install different kinds of advanced security systems for construction sites. To get started with Safe with Ulli Inc., simply contact us to book an on-site consultation where you can start learning more about how to keep your job site safer with event-based construction site security cameras.

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