7 Ways to Prevent Construction Site Theft in 2024

7 Ways to Prevent Construction Site Theft in 2024

Construction site theft is a major problem across Canada, and Alberta is no exception. There are many valuable things stored on construction sites, from equipment to machinery to supplies. Theft can happen after hours, during operations, in the dark, and even during broad daylight. While you can’t prevent every possible scenario, there are many steps you can take to increase security on your project and keep your assets safe. 

1. Install Advanced Video Surveillance Systems

At Safe With Ulli Inc., video surveillance for construction sites is our specialty. We use the innovative MOBOTIX M16 DualLens cameras to capture a full view of your operations with strategic placements. Once the cameras are in position, we can program them for a time-lapse video of the construction and provide perfect coverage during the day, at night, in low light, and even in complete darkness for maximum coverage around the clock. If any suspicious activity or an incident occurs, you’ll know about it and have a clear record of the events. 

2. Keep Your Site Well Lit

Lights on your job site can indicate that work is in progress and serve as a deterrence for some thieves. Having a timed lighting system that stays on even after hours is one way to keep your site lit up. Positioning industrial lighting in key entrance zones can also create a deterrence. 

3. Use Temporary Fencing

Creating a physical barrier between the public and your work zone is another type of deterrence for thieves. The type of barrier suitable for your job site will depend on the size of your project and your location. If you’re working in an urban environment, temporary hoarding walls and locked gates can prevent unauthorized entry to your work zone. For projects that are residential or rural, temporary fencing may not be an option due to the size of the area and the need to move large machines in and out. 

4. Hire Carefully

Construction site theft can also be due to internal activities. We recommend that you complete your due diligence when hiring new employees and performing background checks on all new hires. Trusting your team is imperative to running a professional and efficient construction project. 

5. Select Subcontractors Wisely

When possible, it’s a good idea to minimize the use of subcontractors to keep your operations manageable. However, there are many phases of a construction project where subcontractors are essential. Be sure to work with recommended and vetted partners and implement a sign-in and out policy. This way, you can be sure who is entering and exiting your job site on any given day. 

6. Track Your Tools

With tools being a hot commodity for thieves, there are measures you can take to keep your valuable tools safe and secure. For starters, you should always put your tools in a secure location at the end of a workday. Putting tools away on a regular basis prevents them from getting lost, damaged, or potentially causing a safety hazard by getting in the way. 

Locking tools up is also the best way to prevent on-site theft. You can also take further measures by engraving your tools with your brand, attaching barcodes to them, or using tracking chips to track your tools in the event they go missing. 

7. Lock Away Building Materials

Thieves are not just after tools and machinery, they’re after building materials and raw resources. When your job site leaves lumber, steel, copper, or other building materials out in the open, it’s a tempting invitation to construction site thieves. We recommend taking measures to cover up and lock away your unused building materials, where possible, so they’re not visible or accessible except by authorized personnel.

Construction Site Video Surveillance Installation in Alberta

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