Access Control

Create an Audit Trail of Who, When & Where

Nothing is more vital to the health of a condo corporation than making sure that your tenants and material assets are safe and secure. By preventing people from entering places where they do not belong, access control protects against theft as well as liability. The biggest advantage of access control is the ability to quickly determine who may have gained access to critical areas after an incident. Basically, you have an audit trail of who-when-where.


Pure IP Access Control

Unlike traditional panel-based systems, ISONAS delivers the one proven access control solution that offers network-based “Pure IP” to the door technology. That eliminates the need for cumbersome control panels at each and every access point, complex wiring and power supplies that are costly. With innovative PowerNet reader-controllers, ISONAS provides a simpler and smarter alternative.

Not sure if IP-to-the-door is the right solution?

I already have a panel-based system installed on some doors, but am considering IP access control for new doors. Can ISONAS handle this?

Yes, with the IP Bridge product, ISONAS has the ability to take your existing system, replace panels with the IP Bridge and then expand to new doors or add a new building to the existing system with our PowerNet Reader.

What makes “Pure IP” better than a panel-based system?

Pure IP leverages your existing network connection, eliminating the need for complicated wiring, cumbersome panels at every door and costly installation and maintenance.

Is the ISONAS solution less secure than a panel-based system?

No, it is actually more secure. There are a few ways to ensure the security of the ISONAS system. 

  1. For exterior, doors an exterior door kit (EDK) ensures lock wires are not exposed to the outside world and prevent “hot wiring.” [link to EDK article]
  2. The reader has a 2-way tamper communication, between the reader and the server, if either of these is compromised, the system will not allow entry and will create an alarm. 
  3. The third set it to setup secured connection between the reader and the server to eliminate spoofing – initiate 256 bit encryption. 
  4. Finally, the data on the reader is also encrypted and compiled so data cannot be pulled from the reader itself.

Why is ISONAS less expensive?

Our simplicity of install requires less wiring and labor, and software with no licensing fee is included. We also have web-based, self-paced training that is FREE!

How is access control protected if the network goes down?

In case of an emergency, the door readers automatically switch to the “stand-alone mode” and continue to function normally until network service is restored.

Kantech hattrix

Hosted and Managed Access Control Solution

hattrix is Kantech’s powerful cloud-based access control solution utilizing the industry renowned EntraPass security management software. Providing users with Hosted and Managed access control services, hattrix ensures customers get the solution that’s just right for their specific business needs. This level of innovation translates into significant advantages in flexibility and scalability, while reducing the infrastructure and training costs compared to traditional security systems.


In a Hosted Solution

  • The Managed Services Provider (MSP) hosts the database, server applications and hardware infrastructure, and provides the initial set-up of the account and components, which enables an end user to administer the services from either a secure Web client or workstation.

In a Managed Solution

  • The MSP hosts and manages the database, server applications and hardware infrastructure. The MSP also provides all functionality and needs of the account and components on an ongoing basis. The end user makes requests to the MSP for all changes and operation, and has the ability to perform day-to-day operations from the secure Web client.



When deciding on a surveillance system that best meets the security requirements of your project, remember that you are looking to positively identify events from video footage captured. Always opt for the most robust system and highest quality video that your budget will allow. Before making any decision on a video surveillance system, consider taking us up on our offer to provide you with an on-site consultation, free of charge. It might prevent you from making some common and costly buying mistakes.

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