Top 10 Home Electricity Safety Tips

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Top 10 Home Electricity Safety Tips

Canadians have enjoyed the benefits of electricity in their homes since the late 1800s. We tend to take this marvel for granted, until a power outage reminds us how important it has become in our modern lives.

Electricity is a wonderful asset, but it can also be dangerous, if not installed or used correctly.

Follow these tips to stay safe around the power sources in your home:

  1. Never attempt to disconnect your power meter, as it could result in an explosion.
  2. Qualified electricians should perform any electrical work, including generator hookups.
  3. Always use the recommended wattage bulb in any socket.
  4. Keep extension cords dry, and away from heat, and don’t run them under carpets or heavy furniture. If a cord is frayed or damaged, discard it.
  5. Equip bathrooms, outdoor outlets, and any outlets near water sources with ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), and test them regularly.
  6. Do not poke metal implements, toys, fingers, or anything else (except approved electrical plugs) into wall outlets. Use outlet covers to protect children, and make sure the covers cannot be removed, except by an adult.
  7. Take care not to overload your circuits. Use an approved power bar.
  8. Use three-pronged cords. The third prong is there to prevent shocks, and should never be removed to fit in a two-prong outlet.
  9. Ensure that conditions are dry before plugging, or unplugging, electrical equipment, tools, or appliances. Also, do not touch plugs with wet hands.
  10. Do not insert any metal instruments or utensils into an electrical appliance while it is plugged in.

Treat electricity with respect. Make sure to teach your loved ones how to stay safe around the power sources in your home.


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Electrical Safety Authority (Ontario)

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