Robberies: How To Protect Your Business

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STOREWATCH Robbery Prevention

Protect Your Business

The current economic downturn in Canada made me wonder how the situation may affect business property crime and the incidence of robberies.

According to Statistics Canada, there were almost 21,000 robberies in the country in 2014. With proper precautions, companies can reduce such occurrences.

The Edmonton Police Service website states “Crime is least likely to occur in a location where the owners/staff are alert to the potential of crime and willing to work closely with police.”

The EPS also highlights, “Recent changes to the Occupational Health and Safety Act state that ‘Employers must do everything reasonable to protect the health and safety of employees.’” Thus, company owners need to put preventative policies, procedures, and equipment in place.

Information on how to avoid burglaries and other crimes is readily available, with a bit of research. For example, the EPS Robbery Section developed an innovative program, called “STOREWATCH,” to aid commercial business owners in protecting their employees, property, and customers from a robbery. Other police, safety, and insurance organizations, as well as reputable security companies, can provide important advice.

Preventing crime also means using common sense. Proprietors themselves can do a lot to avert problems:

  • Keep premises well lit.
  • Use good quality locks, security systems, video surveillance, etc.
  • If possible, have more than one adult employee working at all times.
  • Set up good sight lines throughout the premises.
  • Know your customers. Never rule anyone out!
  • Trust your intuition. Your subconscious mind may pick up warning signals that your conscious mind ignores. If someone is acting suspiciously, be on your guard.
  • Call the police! Contact them in an emergency, but also report any "cagey" activity. Police may be able to prevent an unfortunate event by combining your observations with other reports.

Following these simple tips will go a long way in protecting your business from robberies.

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