Social media is a great tool for us to communicate with each other electronically, using the computer, smart phone or the Internet. We can share our thoughts and stay in touch with friends, family and like-minded people.

However, it’s not just friends and family we are communicating with. When on the Internet, we are surrounded by hundreds and thousands of people who may or may not be listening in on our conversations!

Always ask yourself, are you sure you want that information to be public, before you post anything on social media!

Did you know that once you post a photo on Facebook, you’ll never be able to delete it? Even after removing that picture from your profile using the delete button, Facebook retains a copy. You’ll find this fact in the fine print of your Facebook end-user agreement. Scary, isn’t it?

The same goes for your Facebook account. You can never completely delete it. You may deactivate your account. However, that does not mean that hackers can not reach it.

Always remember, everything your post on the Internet stays on the Internet. Every keystroke you make gets recorded. Every picture you upload will be archived. Anytime you visit a website your IP address is recorded and logged. There is absolutely no privacy on the Internet.

Are you upset at your boss and tempted to post angry comments on Facebook? Don’t do it. You might lose your job over it.

Wondering why you didn’t get that job you are so well qualified for? Perhaps the HR department did a social media search and found some pictures on Facebook with you very obviously intoxicated at a party over a year ago.

When it comes to social media, be very careful with what you say, send or post. Always ask yourself, are you sure you want that information to be public.

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