The Benefits of Thermal DetectionSystems and Fire Watch for Construction Sites

The Benefits of Thermal Detection Systems and Fire Watch for Construction Sites

Is Your Property Protected Against Environmental Threats? 

When it comes to job site security, there are many reasons to invest in innovative surveillance solutions that offer more complex capabilities than a typical smart home security system. For starters, you need a system that is designed for commercial properties beyond the basic residential solutions. Not only do you need to protect valuable equipment and infrastructure from theft and vandalism, but you also have to consider environmental protection against physical threats, such as fires. 

How Mobile Surveillance for Fire Detection Works

Business security systems (think construction sites, industrial warehouses, and data storage centres) require more than simple time-lapse video recordings if someone or something suspicious gets caught on camera footage. Thermal cameras and sensors add an extra layer of protection by using heat signatures to identify sudden temperature spikes that could signal an overheating circuit or a sign of a fire on the job site. 

The Benefits of Thermal Detection

Thermal detection has resulted in a wide range of benefits for our clients using this technology. The outcomes have included decreased need for security and fire watch personnel, more cost-effective monitoring solutions, meeting insurance requirements, and even prevention of theft and vandalism.  

Fire Watch Warnings & Early Fire Detection

Video surveillance and security guards can help prevent people from trespassing, but how do you stop a threat as aggressive as an unexpected fire before it even starts? The solution is a state-of-the-art thermal security camera and heat detection system. With this system, you can maintain 24/7 site monitoring, even when no one is on site. Catching a fire when (or sometimes even before) it starts can prevent significant losses from occurring. 

Break In Monitoring When There is Little to No Light 

Video surveillance can be a great way to secure a site from would-be thieves and vandals, but powering lights for an entire site, especially after working hours, is not always possible or desirable. Thermal detection provides heat sensors to detect any trace of heat, including the body heat put off by a human. 

At one of our most recent projects, we installed both optical and thermal sensors. When the optical sensor didn’t detect a thief at night, the thermal sensor was able to make the detection and alert the site owner to the break-in. 

Meet Insurance Requirements More Cost-Effectively

Insurance requirements for construction sites are rigorous and can require multiple points of monitoring. Cameras can monitor multiple areas simultaneously, looking for various indicators of peril (thermal, optical, and audio, for example). This lowers or eliminates the need for full-time or overnight security and fire watch personnel, while also removing the possibility of human error in fire detection and prevention. 

Industrial Applications

Thermal warning systems can also be used as a more permanent system in industrial buildings and yards. Safe With Ulli Inc. has helped industrial companies in Alberta create early warning fire systems that keep their sites, supplies, and workers safe in the event of a fire.  

Thermal Warning Systems in Edmonton & Across Alberta

Integrating thermal warning and early fire detection software into a comprehensive security system for your business can save you time, money, and irreparable damage on the job site.
If you would like to learn more about how thermal cameras and sensors can protect your industrial or commercial site from potential fire threats in the Edmonton area and throughout Alberta, book a consultation with Safe With Ulli Inc. today! 

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