More than Security Cameras—Advanced Surveillance Systems for Construction Sites

More than Security Cameras—Advanced Surveillance Systems for Construction Sites

Video surveillance is critical in the construction industry. Running a construction site without effective business security solutions is risky. You could face various problems, from theft and vandalism to environmental issues like fire or flooding. Ensuring the safety of employees is also a primary concern on any commercial job site. These are just a few of the top reasons job site security systems are imperative.

Is Your Construction Site Secured?

Construction sites are often left unattended or sporadically monitored once the workday is done, leaving plenty of opportunity for disasters like theft or unexpected weather conditions to cause damage to the site. With a complex security solution built for commercial sites, you can reduce your liability and stress level, resulting in more positive outcomes for your project or company.

Safe with Ulli Inc. utilizes MOBOTIX technology to ensure the long-term security of job sites. MOBOTIX is more than just a camera system; these are high-tech computers with monitoring options designed to proactively keep your site and employees safe. With advanced recordings, remote video monitoring, and video analytics, a MOBOTIX camera helps protect construction sites from every potential danger.

Audio and Video Surveillance

Security cameras are notorious for being low-resolution. Most basic security cameras do not even monitor audio, relying on a low-quality, simple video feed to keep your construction site safe. Surveillance is ineffective and can lead to unnecessary risks without a detailed video or audio feed.

MOBOTIX cameras provide you with real-time, high-quality video and audio feeds. With just a couple of MOBOTIX cameras, you’ll be able to monitor everything that happens on a job site, effectively protecting you from theft, damage from weather conditions, and more. 

Thermal Technology and Environmental Protection

MOBOTIX cameras use thermal technology to ensure that your construction site is constantly monitored, no matter how much light there is on the site. Whether there is direct sunlight, artificial lighting, or complete darkness, MOBOTIX maintains high-resolution coverage of a job site in all lighting environments.

Alongside advanced thermal technology, Safe With Ulli Inc.’s advanced security solutions provide effective environmental protection. You never know when an unprecedented weather event might affect a job site. Weather defence security systems help provide active monitoring to help mitigate the risk of damage by environmental conditions like fire or floods so you can react faster before the situation becomes critical. 

High-Quality Security Technology

MOBOTIX provides in-depth, reliable security against cyber threats such as hackers. In fact, no one has ever been able to hack into a MOBOTIX camera. With MOBOTIX cyber security protection, every part of your advanced surveillance system will be defended against cyber security risks.

You’ll rest easy knowing that your security systems and company’s sensitive information is protected. Safe With Ulli Inc. is dedicated to providing high-quality technology to keep your job sites safe.

Fully Customized Solutions

No two commercial job sites are the same. Each one has its own risks and requires a security system to be developed on a case-by-case basis. That’s why Safe With Ulli Inc. offers customized surveillance plans for all of our valued clients. 

We’ll take into account your security needs and implement them into an advanced surveillance system, from monitored video and audio surveillance to heat warning systems. No matter what you need to keep your construction site safe, we’re here to provide it!

Use Your Surveillance System for Marketing

Safe With Ulli Inc.’s advanced surveillance systems has another fantastic benefit–time-lapse videos. By taking a time-lapse of your construction project from start to finish, you can create the perfect video for marketing purposes. Turning security footage into a marketing product is a great bonus when you purchase a construction surveillance system.

Custom Security Solutions for Construction Sites in Edmonton, Alberta. Interested in installing a customized construction site video surveillance system? Safe With Ulli Inc. provides advanced surveillance systems for construction sites and commercial properties and condominium buildings across Edmonton. Contact us today to book your on-site consultation.

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