4 News Events About Commercial Security that Every Business Owner in Alberta Should Know About

4 News Events About Commercial Security that Every Business Owner in Alberta Should Know About

How secure is your commercial site? Commercial sites across Alberta are affected by increased crime incidents, with many businesses handling break-ins and theft regularly.

Staying updated on the news about commercial security is important for anyone with a business. The news is the most effective way to stay informed on crime trends and statistics, as well as new security methods. To get started, we’ve put together four critical news events to help you stay informed about commercial security in Alberta.

Hobby Stores Experiencing Break-Ins for Trading Cards

How much would you pay for a trading card? Trading card value can vary wildly, from 25 cents to well over a thousand dollars. The worth of these small cards makes them a prime target for burglars. 

Hobz, a gaming hobby store in Edmonton, is one of the many victims of trading card theft. Between two break-ins last year, Hobz lost nearly $16,000 in trading cards–in particular, Pokemon cards. Hobz no longer stocks Pokemon cards in anticipation of future break-ins.

80% Increase in Break-Ins for Calgary Businesses

After struggling with a major loss of business from COVID-19, the last thing Alberta businesses need is to lose more revenue from break-ins and theft. Unfortunately, businesses in Calgary have instead faced a major increase in break-ins.

Businesses along 17th Avenue have been experiencing a significant number of break-ins and thefts. It’s not just 17th Avenue, either–Calgary as a whole experienced an 80% increase in break-ins between March 2021 and April 2022.

Edmonton Business Owner at Breaking Point After Dozens of Break-Ins

Break-ins aren’t just a major problem for businesses in Calgary–Edmonton business owners are feeling the pressure as well. The owner of Alberta Barber Academy is just one of many business owners who are at their breaking point with the number of break-ins and theft they’re experiencing.

Since its opening in 2015, the Alberta Barber Academy has dealt with 46 break-ins. Besides facing significant losses from theft, break-ins also incur additional costs for repairs, and potential business closures for cleanup. It can also cause danger to the staff, clients, and customers of these businesses. 

Toilets, Granite Counters, and Vehicles Stolen from Edmonton Construction Sites

Construction sites have also been experiencing an increase in break-ins. In 2018, a man was arrested for stealing nearly four cargo vans worth of property from construction sites, including toilers, granite counters, televisions, and a Ford F-150.

While not every thief will steal four cargo vans full of materials, this is certainly not an isolated incident. In fact, construction sites are some of the most common victims of theft and break-ins. With many of them being extremely easy to access, it’s a prime target for prospective thieves and burglars. 

How Can You Protect Your Commercial Site from Crime?

As a business owner, you want to avoid crime on your commercial site as much as possible–but what is the best way to prevent break-ins and theft?

Safe With Ulli Inc. is dedicated to providing high-tech security cameras and video surveillance systems for commercial and construction sites in Alberta. As an experienced security solutions advisor, we can help you create a custom surveillance plan to suit your commercial site’s specific needs. We also offer a range of security solutions for construction sites, including advanced recordings, cutting-edge remote video monitoring, and video analytics.

Security Solutions and Construction Site Security in Alberta

Are you in need of a high-tech video surveillance system to prevent theft and break-ins? Safe With Ulli Inc. provides high-quality security cameras and access control systems to monitor your commercial sites. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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