10 Reasons to Secure Your Construction Site with Innovative Construction Site Surveillance

10 Reasons to Secure Your Construction Site with Innovative Construction Site Surveillance

Is Your Working Environment Safe and Secure? 

In the age of inflation in North America and material shortages across the globe, construction site surveillance has never been more critical. Theft and vandalism are at an all-time high, especially in the construction industry. This is true in both remote locations and urban locations that are left unattended when the workday is done. If safety and security is on your mind, we can create a customized plan that best suits your project needs.  

Let’s Talk About Innovative Surveillance Systems 

At Safe With Ulli Inc., we specialize in developing high-tech security solutions for commercial and industrial companies that require complex surveillance and monitoring. Although our security solutions range greatly and can monitor your site for a variety of factors, among our top products are security cameras with live video monitoring. These cameras are more than just cameras; they’re highly sensitive computers with remote monitoring and real-time security alerts. Because of this, they can see more and do more, leaving you with complete oversight of your construction site. 

Here are ten reasons our clients choose to secure their construction sites with innovative construction site surveillance technology: 

1. Stop Theft from Happening 

The goal of your video surveillance system should not be just to catch thieves and vandals in the act but also to deter them from even considering committing a crime on your job site. Installing high-quality, durable, and visible MOBOTIX cameras on a pole or trailer will let trespassers know that your site is secure.  

2. Save Money on Material Replacements and Repairs

While your project is under construction, the material and tools on site are highly valuable, from lumber to tools to metals and piping. The last thing you want is to have to repair or replace costly construction equipment and supplies before the job is even completed. With the right construction site security system, you can rest easy knowing that even your largest job sites are protected 24/7.   

3. Utilize Audio for Interactive Video Surveillance 

MOBOTIX cameras include audio in and out, as well as a high-pressure amplified speaker. This means that those in charge of live video monitoring can speak to trespassers in real time or confirm a contractor’s credentials if they’re completing work on site after hours. 

4. Invest in Reliable and Durable Equipment 

We all know the weather in Northern Alberta is unpredictable, so it’s important to invest in a high-quality, durable surveillance system for your construction sites. You need cameras, motion detectors, and contact sensors that will last through bone-chilling winters, gale-force winds, and even those scorching summer days.  

5. Manage Employee Access Levels  

If your surveillance system includes remote access controls, you can keep track of who is entering and leaving a construction site. A robust remote access management system can also give you and your team access to the security camera feeds, giving authorized people the ability to know what’s happening at the job site around the clock.   

6. Take Environmental Protection Seriously 

Theft and vandalism aren’t the only disasters that can impact a site. Construction sites are often unattended for hours at a time, which means that an unexpected fire, flood, or even air quality hazard could lead to devastating material loss and extensive repair/replacement costs. Luckily, there are environmental monitoring solutions on the market that include thermal sensor modules to detect potential fire, water, and air emergencies before they even start. 

7. Identify False Alarms Quickly to Save Time and Resources

Communicating potential alarm events, threats, or issues is both proactive and efficient on a secured construction site; this way, you can always see what your cameras are capturing in real time. Thanks to remote security camera access capabilities, false alarms can be reported quickly, with little or no disruption to any workers that might be present at the time.  

8. Boost Project Management Efficiencies

Keep an eye on what’s happening at every job site with live monitoring and remote access to your surveillance system. Innovative security system technology that is designed for construction sites allows you to keep track of each project’s milestones while also keeping them and your valuable equipment safe from harm. 

9. Design a Custom Surveillance Plan 

The technology is complex, but the process isn’t. You can work with an experienced security solutions provider, such as Safe With Ulli Inc., to design and develop a custom video surveillance plan that suits your construction site’s unique layout and security needs. Tell us what you need and we’ll design it for your specific site.

10. Get Peace of Mind Knowing Your Assets Are Safe

Securing your construction site with innovative security cameras and access control solutions will give you the freedom to focus on running your business without worrying about theft, vandalism, air pollution, or other potential incidents that could happen on-site.  

Effective Surveillance Systems for Construction Sites in Edmonton

Ready to upgrade your construction site’s surveillance system? Safe With Ulli Inc. is a leading provider of complex surveillance systems in Edmonton and beyond. Become one of many commercial and industrial businesses that trust Ulli to keep their job sites safe. Contact us to book an on-site consultation!

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