Why Invest In Advanced Surveillance And Access Control For Condominiums

Why Invest in Advanced Surveillance and Access Control for Condominiums?

Condominiums in Alberta can either be managed by professionals or by a board of directors consisting of condo owners elected to represent the rest of the condo owners. Whether or not a condo is managed professionally or not, security on the premises is often a top concern. Helping condo owners feel safe in the public spaces within the building is one priority, while protecting the facility from damage, environmental risks, and unexpected accidents are other important issues.

Ensuring the public and communal areas within a condominium are safe and protected from risks requires complex security systems, including advanced surveillance systems and access control. These systems are designed to protect condominiums and their owners from theft, break-ins, vandalism, and other issues. The following are examples of what advanced surveillance involves and why it’s worth the investment.

Create an Audit Trail

Following an incident such as a break-in or theft, identifying the culprit is your top priority. To do so effectively, you’ll need to know exactly who was in the building and where they went–but this can be incredibly difficult without an advanced surveillance system.

Advanced surveillance grants you the opportunity to form an accurate audit trail of who was where and when inside your condominium. With this audit trail, you’ll be able to efficiently determine where everyone was during the incident and then handle it accordingly. A combination of high-quality security cameras and advanced access control features makes locating the person responsible and handling the situation more efficient.

Allow Better Access Control

An effective way to regulate who enters your condominium and when is with access control systems. An access control system is an innovative technology designed to give you jurisdiction over who enters the building and at what time. Unlike a traditional lock and key system, access control systems allow you to do the following:

  • Control who has access to the building.
  • Eliminate the need for keys.
  • Maintain a log of who enters and exits the building and when.
  • Easily deactivate a keytag after a breach of access. 
  • Grant limited time entry for service or trades workers.
  • Restrict or grant access to certain areas.
  • Adjust user profiles within the system.

Safe With Ulli Inc.’s advanced surveillance services combine video and access control to create an optimized security solution. Ideally, access control systems are combined with a high-quality video feed. This way, you’ll have better footage to help identify anyone who enters a space within the condo and at what time.

The Elimination of Keys

Access Control systems eliminate the need for keys to your building. Keytags that can be traced and, if necessary, deactivated at any time creates greater security for everyone. The use of a lock and key system means that you cannot track who entered the building, and in the event that a resident’s keys are lost or stolen, you’re facing a significant bill to replace the locks and update keys for all the condo owners within your corporation. With Access Control, all you need to do is delete any compromised keytag from the system instantly.

Increase Security in the Building

We understand that for property managers and condo boards, building safety is always a top priority. Knowing who is entering your building and preventing unwanted access is exactly what advanced surveillance and access systems are for. Besides general public spaces, such as the front walkway and inner lobby, advanced surveillance systems can also be put in locations such as gyms and condo elevators. Condo owners and their guests may feel vulnerable in these locations. Advanced surveillance in those areas helps increase the sense of security. If there are any additional areas within the building that you want to monitor, an advanced surveillance system can help.

Condo Security System in Edmonton

Are you ready to install access control and an advanced surveillance system in your condo? At Safe With Ulli Inc., we’re dedicated to providing high-quality, complex surveillance systems that will keep your condo and its owners safe. From detailed video feeds to advanced access control, we have everything you need to monitor your condo effectively.

Safe With Ulli Inc. offers a no-obligation, on-site consultation for any potential projects. During this consultation, we will learn more about your needs and the site so that we can prepare an accurate quote for the project. Contact us to schedule your on-site consultation today.

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