6 Advanced Custom Applications for Commercial Security Camera Systems

6 Advanced Custom Applications for Commercial Security Camera Systems

If you have a commercial property or business, you want a custom security solution that fits your unique property and security concerns. From access control systems to advanced thermal-sensitive cameras, the world of security has expanded well beyond simple analog cameras. Here are six advanced examples of custom applications that can benefit any commercial setting.

1. Location-Specific Demographics

Want to know details of who is entering your building through which entrance and when? Curious about the highest traffic points in the day at your business? Advanced security cameras, such as Mobotix, can help you track that data. We can create apps that collect and sort data to let you know:

  1. Which entrances are used the most.
  2. The volume of people entering and leaving the premises.
  3. Any suspicious activity in specific areas of your property.

The benefit of tracking location-specific demographics is that you receive insights that can be used to improve security, while also offering additional insight into traffic flow.

2. Features that Satisfy Insurance Requirements

Another excellent reason to install advanced security cameras is to satisfy your insurance requirements. If any damage occurs, video footage will help show how or why the incident happened. Reliable and accurate security cameras help protect your assets from theft, intrusion, and environmental hazards such as fire. Leading security technology increases accuracy in reporting, making it easier for you to monitor your property and respond to legitimate security threats with minimal false alarms.

3. Fire Watch

Whether it is a construction site, a commercial business or an industrial property, fire can be a risk anywhere. The best defence against fire damage is to respond and act quickly. Advanced thermal sensors can sense unusual heat levels and trigger alerts before flames are even visible. We can install thermal sensors alongside cutting-edge video camera technology to make your commercial space safer.

4. Facial Recognition

In some settings, facial recognition is an essential security measure. Identity monitoring can be necessary on closed construction sites or businesses with restricted personnel access. Combining applications with high-tech video monitoring systems can help grant access only to pre-approved individuals through advanced facial recognition programming. Rather than investing in costly 24-hour security guard services, facial recognition software provides around-the-clock security at less cost.

5. Prevent Illegal Garbage Dumping

Illegal Garbage dumping can be both a safety and health hazard, but it’s also a nuisance. Illegal Garbage dumping can be a problem for a small business, a condominium building, or a large construction site. High-tech video surveillance systems can monitor specific locations and trigger intruder alarms or alerts if garbage dumping is caught on the coverage. These alerts can be sent directly to the user to inform them of unwanted activity at the location.

6. Preventing Employee Theft

Employee theft comes in many forms and varying degrees. One of the best ways to prevent employee theft is to have strategically placed, high-image quality security cameras. At Safe With Ulli Inc., we partnered with MOBOTIX, a supplier of high-quality video surveillance systems, to create custom security infrastructure for any commercial setting.

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At Safe With Ulli Inc., we provide customizable commercial security camera systems with advanced surveillance monitoring systems using high-resolution cameras to monitor your construction site, industrial property, or commercial business. Whether your concerns are environmental protection, theft, trespassing, or a combination, our advanced systems can provide warnings before, during, and after incidents. If you need customized surveillance with cutting-edge security advancements, contact Safe With Ulli Inc. today for a consultation.

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