A Simple and Unique Solution for Access Control in Storage Facilities

A Simple and Unique Solution for Access Control in Storage Facilities

When managing a storage facility, security has to be a top priority. With countless valuables and personal items stored inside, protecting the facility from theft, unwanted access, damage, environmental issues, and other incidents is very important. Often, simple gate codes and security cameras don’t quite cut it. 

For advanced access control and security, you can install advanced security systems such as access control systems which create an access solution to keep your storage unit security tight. You can remotely access the system, grant and restrict individuals from entering, track users in the system, and go keyless.

Multiple Ways to Verify and Admit Someone

Depending on the system you adopt, there are different ways to verify an individual’s identity to grant them storage access. One security feature of access control systems is the elimination of physical keys. When everyone has an individual key, controlling facility and gate access is much harder. Your security team cannot track individual keys or remotely deactivate them either. With key tags or alternate forms of verification, such as biometric systems, security gets much tighter.

Smart Access Control Systems

Smart access control systems are quite versatile and provide many ways to increase the security and safety of your storage facility. Access can be tracked, easily granted and revoked, and customized to create time limits or access during certain hours of the day. These advanced access control systems are easy to install and easy to use and can be applied to all kinds of different doors. Managing your access controls remotely becomes a lot easier with access control software. 

Remote Access

Managing a complex access control system would be quite difficult without remote access. If there was a security breach, technicians would need temporary access for maintenance. When you or your team need to view access records but aren’t in the building, the convenience of remote access helps you avoid reviewing your data and avoid potential issues. 

When you use smart access control systems, you have the ability to grant access, revoke it, and customize it without physically being in the building. You can track the usage of the system with individual IDs and time stamps and adjust users in the system. With remote access solutions, security improves and is less stressful.

Retrofitting Capabilities

A building does not need to be built with smart remote access systems in order for them to be installed. In fact, it is remarkably easy to retrofit a smart remote access system to any commercial building and storage facility. There are several different types of access control systems that have different installation methods. 

Easy Installation With Door Handles

One option is to install an access control system into the door handles. Individuals can then use a secure app on their phones to open the door. 

Go Keyless With Fobs

Another access control solution is to use fobs for access. Fobs make facility management easier to manage when access permission needs to change. Within minutes, management can deactivate lost or stolen fobs, restrict access to certain rooms, or create customized access based on the time of day or a specific door.

Verify Identity With Video

Video-telephone systems are another excellent way to verify the identity of those entering the facility. When visitors call to verify their identity to gain access to the building, they also show their faces for visual recognition. 

Edmonton Access Systems for Storage Facilities

Ready to go keyless with an access solution for your storage facility? Safe With Ulli Inc. has complex access control systems for your facility’s needs. You can rest easy knowing your facility is safer, and your customers can be more confident that their belongings will remain undamaged in their storage units while they are absent.

We can supply you with and help you install multiple different kinds of access control systems based on what best suits your needs. To get started with Safe With Ulli Inc., you can book an on-site consultation to begin learning about how we can help you integrate an access control system to fit your facility.

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