Video Surveillance

Protect Against Theft and Vandalism

Video surveillance is key in combatting theft, liability and vandalism.

Sourcing a surveillance system that benefits the security requirements of your company and/or property can be a challenge. Especially when almost all security buyer’s guides are giving advice that may have been good ten years ago, but is really no longer valid.

That advice is based on the flawed premise that all security cameras require a paid VMS (video management software) and NVR’s (recording hardware). Both of which are an excellent source of revenue for security companies through expensive license fees and constant charges for software upgrades. You might call that a perfect cash cow.

SafewithUlli’s approach to video surveillance differs greatly from traditional security system companies. With your satisfaction in mind, all of our solutions will be customized to suit your personal challenges and security requirements.

Our modular security camera systems will be built-to-order to match your specific requirements. To ensure you truly get the results you expect, we always start with asking questions:

  • What is it you want to protect?
  • Which information would you like to gather? (ie license plates, facial recognition)
  • Which are the best locations for mounting cameras?
  • What is the best housing for the camera to achieve optimal results?
  • Which sensor type might be best (day, night, thermal)?
  • How many sensors should the camera have, 1 or 2?
  • Which angle(s) do we need the lens(es) to be for optimal coverage?

Only once we fully understand what it is you are looking for, do we start designing your solution. We also know that even the best planned security solution will need tweaking. Therefore, we don’t just walk away after the initial installation and configuration. We will fine tune the results with your input to make sure you are truly satisfied.



When deciding on a surveillance system that best meets the security requirements of your project, remember that you are looking to positively identify events from video footage captured. Always opt for the most robust system and highest quality video that your budget will allow. Before making any decision on a video surveillance system, consider taking us up on our offer to provide you with an on-site consultation, free of charge. It might prevent you from making some common and costly buying mistakes.

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