Elevator Cameras

Prevent Damage and Vandalism

Unfortunately, many condo buildings experience vandalism and damage to their elevators due to careless handling of larger objects. Good quality video surveillance can help in identifying the culprit.

There are two options for condo elevator security camera coverage. Cameras can be mounted on every floor to watch the elevator doors from the outside or they can be mounted inside the elevator cab. Depending on the number of floors, a large number of cameras may be needed for complete coverage to be feasible. 

Traditionally, video surveillance inside elevators cabs requires the elevator company to install cabling inside the elevator shaft. It is expensive and often not feasible.

SafewithUlli provides a cost-effective option for elevator video surveillance. Any spare wire, which is almost always present inside an elevator cab, can be converted into a Network cable without having to run new cabling down the elevator shaft. This is done using a product called MOBOTIX Mx2Wire. Using a MOBOTIX camera makes complete coverage inside elevator cabs effective, feasible, and more discreet than traditional video surveillance.



When deciding on a surveillance system that best meets the security requirements of your project, remember that you are looking to positively identify events from video footage captured. Always opt for the most robust system and highest quality video that your budget will allow. Before making any decision on a video surveillance system, consider taking us up on our offer to provide you with an on-site consultation, free of charge. It might prevent you from making some common and costly buying mistakes.

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