Car Dealership Security

Prevent Criminal Activity and Eliminate False Alarms

Car dealerships are popular targets for theft. Losing up to 30 tires and rims in a single night is not uncommon. Traditional video footage usually proves insufficient for identifying the suspects. Even powerful zooming capabilities are little help when the suspects are wearing hats and covering their face with bandanas.  The only solution is to have a system in place that detects the threat before the criminal act occurs, enabling the customer to proactively notify security or police personnel as necessary. The idea is to keep criminals away from the site without giving them the opportunity to commit the crime.

Car dealerships in particular can benefit from using MOBOTIX cameras with MxActivitySensor activated to eliminate false alarms.

Ideally, the cameras should be linked to a PA system with two customized messages. The first message can be a welcome message played during regular hours to let guests know that the lot is being monitored. The second message should be a warning announcement after hours, announcing that illegal movement has been detected, the authorities have been notified, and it is time to leave the premises.

A video monitoring station is notified when MxActivitySensor events happen to assess the threat and dispatch police as necessary. Using MOBOTIX cameras with MxActivitySensor, car dealerships have a very good chance of preventing criminals from becoming a threat.




When deciding on a surveillance system that best meets the security requirements of your project, remember that you are looking to positively identify events from video footage captured. Always opt for the most robust system and highest quality video that your budget will allow. Before making any decision on a video surveillance system, consider taking us up on our offer to provide you with an on-site consultation, free of charge. It might prevent you from making some common and costly buying mistakes.

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