Think like a burglar. In my opinion, this is what you have to do to protect your home from a break-in. Burglars are sneaky, creative, and getting smarter all the time, especially with the technology that’s available to them nowadays.

An article in the Globe and Mail on December 22, 2012, describes how one particularly determined and “brazen” thief broke into a home he had been scoping out. “The burglar had brought his own power tools to cut through the shingles before dropping into the attic, and then going through the drywall.” As a homeowner, not only do you need to think like a burglar, you have to make sure you’re a step ahead of the smartest, and most persistent, ones out there.

Walk around your home from a distance and up close. If you locked yourself out, how would you try to get in? Burglars want to get in and out fast; figure out where your home’s points of entry are and make it impossible to break into them. The same article offers this advice: “Don’t make it easy. Don’t leave ladders outside, and trim trees close to the house that may aid a climber.”

Most burglars know how to disarm a basic alarm system. Include a more sophisticated system in your strategy if you can afford it, and talk to a security system provider. They are familiar with a broad range of risk scenarios and good ones can help you customize a security system based on your home’s specific layout.

The C24 Interactive combined with a DSC Power Series alarm system is a good one on the market, as it offers innovative features which allow you to set your lights on timers and receive notifications on your smartphone when someone (a potential intruder) rings your doorbell. Innovative technologies like the C24 Interactive can help you stay numerous steps ahead of potential burglars. Read more about the C24 Interactive.

Burglars are always looking for clues in and around your home. If you leave the empty box that contained your brand-new flat-screen TV in the garbage can behind your house, you’re letting them know what’s worth stealing inside. The items you leave in your backyard can also tell thieves what kind of income you have. Think twice about displaying artwork on walls that are right next to the windows.

Smart burglars hate to be surprised and are good at not being caught. For example, they will call your number to see if someone picks up. If your home is going to be empty, use call-forwarding to ensure that someone always answers the phone. Smart security technology has become quite affordable, and many now include motion-sensor, real-time monitoring, and IP camera capabilities. If a burglar does manage to get through such a security system, at least he or she will be identified, and hopefully caught.

If you haven’t burglar-proofed your home yet, now might be a good time to start. You’ll be smarter (and safer) for it.

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