Top 10 Home Electricity Safety Tips

Canadians have enjoyed the benefits of electricity in their homes since the late 1800s. We tend to take this marvel for granted, until a power outage reminds us how important it has become in our modern lives. Electricity is a wonderful asset, but it can also be dangerous, if not installed or used correctly.

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Tips For a Safely Functioning Furnace

Hard to believe that the colder seasons are just around the corner. However, longer nights and decreasing temperatures are definitely signs that it’s time to get started on preparing our heating mechanisms and furnace for when they need to work the hardest.

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21 Pool Safety Tips For Summer

During our summer heat, can you think of anything better than cooling off in a backyard pool? However, there can be dangers in and around the water, especially for children. Did you know that it takes a mere 20 seconds for a child to drown, and that drowning is the leading cause of death for toddlers up to age four?

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How To Stay Safe During Summer Storms

The splendid summer days are upon us, but with the season comes the potential of summer storms, including possible tornadoes, wildfires, and floods. What can you do to protect yourself and your property from the worst effects of Mother Nature?

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Tips For a Safe and Legal Fire Pit

Who doesn’t agree that a backyard fire pit is a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors? And how can a backyard party be complete without a fire pit? However, fire pits can be dangerous. In Edmonton, they are regulated under the Community Standards Bylaw.

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