Still Think It’s OK to Leave Your Doors Unlocked?

Some members of the police department in Coventry, England, recently got into “a spot of bother” with their superiors for their attempt to bring attention to a security problem. They tweeted photos of open windows and unlocked doors to showcase how easy it is to break into some people’s homes. One photograph showed an officer inside a house.

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How to Protect Yourself Against Police Impersonators

Recently, Police in Grande Prairie, Alberta, reported a man, impersonating an undercover police officer, had pulled over a vehicle with a woman driver. When the man approached the woman without showing proper documentation, and asked her to get out of the vehicle, the woman’s good sense and intuition led her to drive away and report the incident to law enforcement.

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Is Your Home Ready For Winter?

Temperatures in Alberta are rapidly dropping below zero. Is your home ready for winter? Our cold temperatures bring special challenges when protecting against snow and ice.

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