Tips for eliminating fire hazards this holiday season

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With brutally low temperatures outside, many of us are turning up the heat inside and turning on the lights to get ready for the festive season. All of those can create potential fire hazards and threaten our safety while we celebrate the holiday season.

If you are using a space heater to add warmth to your home or office, keep in mind that they can be a potential source of fire is not used properly. Make sure not to place anything within at least three feet from your space heater.

As you are decorating your home for the holiday season, chances are you are using at least one extension cord. Before you plug in the extension cord, always inspect it first:

  • Extension cord should not be knotted up or pinched
  • No frays
  • All prongs should be straight
  • No burn or char marks on the outlet

In order to keep your extension cord out of sight but also safely out of mind, follow this link to a Cord Safety Tip Sheet published by ESFi, Electrical Safety Foundation International.

Many of you will recall previous blogs on the German tradition of decorating the Christmas tree with real candles. Yes, I do remember the beautifully candle-lit tree in our living room every year, a bucket full of water placed near by. And at least once did that bucket come in handy to prevent a small fire from getting out of hand.

Don’t follow the German tradition of lighting candles near your Christmas tree. Safe Flame candles look just as beautiful without the fire hazard of real candles.

If you don’t have a security system, if your system is not monitored or if you are not happy with your current security provider, call me for a fee, no-obligation consultation. You’ll be glad you did!

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