Still Think It’s OK to Leave Your Doors Unlocked?

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Still Think It’s OK to Leave Your Doors Unlocked?

Some members of the police department in Coventry, England, recently got into “a spot of bother” with their superiors for their attempt to bring attention to a security problem. They tweeted photos of open windows and unlocked doors to showcase how easy it is to break into some people’s homes. One photograph showed an officer inside a house.

Cov City Police Tweet


Cov Police Tweet

However, many people overlook the simple rule of locking the doors and windows of their home, business, and vehicle. This attracts criminals like a magnet, who usually avoid situations where locked windows and doors, effective lighting, and security systems make it more difficult for them to break in. The “good old days” of leaving doors unlocked are gone. Don’t make it easy for burglars to enter your premises.

Easy Steps to Deter Thieves from Your Home, Business & Vehicle

  • Always lock your doors and windows. Break and Enters do happen while people are working in their yard.
  • Equip your home or business with good lighting, indoors and out. Solar and motion-sensor lighting can be very reasonably priced.
  • Leave a radio or television on when you are out. Burglars may think there is someone around.
  • Invest in a good security system from a reputable dealer.
  • Always lock your vehicle doors—even if you’ll “only be a minute.”
  • Don’t leave valuables out in the open for thieves to covet, especially in your vehicle. Lock them securely in your trunk, a safe or safety deposit box.

Do you still think it’s ok to leave your doors unlocked? Think again!

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