Is Your Home Ready For Winter?

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Is Your Home Ready For Winter?

Temperatures in Alberta are rapidly dropping below zero. Is your home ready for winter?

Our cold temperatures bring special challenges when protecting against snow and ice.

14-Point Check List for Winterizing your Home

  1. Trees should be trimmed to prevent winter storm damage to your house, electrical wires, and the trees themselves.
  2. Tune up your snow blower, and invest in a good snow shovel.
  3. Stock up on ice-melting products, sand, or kitty litter, to deal with icy sidewalks.
  4. Cover and insulate any bare water pipes. “Blow out” sprinkler systems, and shut off exterior water.
  5. Check your roof and attic, repair any problems, and insulate to prevent ice damming or leaks.
  6. Weather-strip all windows and doors.
  7. Clean, seal and/or repair eavestroughs and downspouts.
  8. Enclose any vents or openings that may allow critters to enter your house.
  9. Ensure outdoor lighting is sufficient.
  10. Make sure the furnace is functioning properly, and change the air filter regularly.
  11. Have your chimney inspected for any damage or drafts, and get it cleaned, to prevent fires.
  12. Test your smoke detectors. Replace them if more than 10 years old. Fires are more likely to happen in winter, due to faulty heating and careless use of fireplaces and candles. Properly functioning smoke detectors can save lives!
  13. Install and/or test carbon monoxide detectors. The deadly gas can build up inside if heating systems are defective or damaged, or when using inappropriate heating methods.
  14. Add monitored smoke & carbon monoxide detectors to your security system.

Sufficiently prepare your home now, and stay safe and warm this winter.


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