The holiday season is a time when we are attending Christmas parties and are visiting with friends and family, spending a lot of time away from home.

Criminals love this time of year, anticipating valuable items inside our house, from Christmas presents under the tree to extra food and booze for holiday entertaining.

Be aware that your home is a little more vulnerable during the Christmas holidays and use some common sense to keep burglars away. Break-ins are usually due to quick and easy opportunity. Lock your doors!

  1. Make sure that the presents under the Christmas tree are not visible from the street.
  2. If you go out for the evening, leave some lights on to give the illusion that someone is at home.
  3. Activate your security system during the day when not at home as well as at night when sleeping.
  4. The holiday season is a popular time for charities to collect much-needed donations. Ask for identification. Legitimate canvassers won’t be offended if you ask. Only donate to registered charities, which you can easily validate on the Government of Canada’s charities listings page here
  5. Going away for Christmas? It’s not a good idea to post when and where you’re leaving for your holiday vacation on social media!
  6. After Christmas, don’t place your gift boxes on the curb for recycling. You don’t want to advertise that brand new TV or any other big ticket items. Instead, break down the boxes and take them to the Recycle Depot.

Wishing you a special holiday season without burglars targeting your home!

If you don’t have a home security system, if your system is not monitored or if you are not happy with your current home security provider, call me for a free, no-obligation consultation. You’ll be glad you did!

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