How To Keep Burglars Away From Your Garage

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How To Keep Burglars Away From Your Garage

A special tricycle, belonging to a woman with cerebral palsy, was recently stolen from an Edmonton garage. Luckily, the trike was found and returned to the owner.

When I heard about this crime, I considered what we need to do to secure our garage, and protect the stuff we tend to store inside our garage. Unfortunately, this important storage area can be a favoured target for break-ins.

6 Steps To Safeguard Your Garage:

  1. Brighten up! Adding motion-sensor lighting, or other security lighting is a crucial first-step in making it difficult for thieves to operate. Burglars don’t want to be seen!
  2. Lock up! Ensure all of your garage doors (including those connecting to the house) are locked at all times, especially when you are away from home. Use Grade 1 deadbolts, 4-inch screws to fasten strike-plates to door frames and wall studs, and full-height blocker plates (on the access doors and frames).
  3. Close up! Don’t drive away without making certain that the overhead door is down.
  4. Cover up! Install window dressings (draperies, blinds, frosting or tinting) to hide your valuables from view. Robbers are looking for easy opportunities, and if they can’t see something, they won’t likely steal it.
  5. Freshen up! Invest in a new garage door opener. Modern openers have better security features than older models.
  6. Fasten up! Put in a contemporary security/alarm system for added protection. If a siren goes off, a crook may rush off before nabbing your treasures, and in some cases, may be caught by police.

Following the above steps will help in keeping burglars away from your garage.


If you don’t have a security system, if your system is not monitored, or if you are not happy with your current security provider, call me for a free, no-obligation consultation. You’ll be glad you did!

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