Dumpster Diving & Identity Theft

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Dumpster Diving & Identity Theft

Chances are, you have witnessed someone looking for treasure in someone else’s trash.

According to Wikipedia, Dumpster diving is a popular form of modern salvaging of waste discarded in large commercial, residential, industrial and construction containers.

wikiHow even published a 15 Step guide on How to Dumpster Dive.

Dumpster diving will not stop as long as people continue to discard perfectly good stuff and products that are easily repairable.

Unfortunately, crooks aren’t above rooting through garbage looking for bills or other paper with personal information on it. This method of stealing information is old-school. Experts say criminals continue to use it because it still works.

How to avoid Identity Theft by Dumpster Divers

  • The only way to avoid getting your identity stolen by Dumpster Divers is to shred your personal documents and credit card offers before throwing them away.
  • Never discard documents containing information such as Social Insurance number, driver’s license number or bank account numbers into a trash bin.
  • After paying your credit card bills, don’t let Dumpster Divers find the discarded bills and use your information to open up new credit cards in your name. Guard your identity by shredding any credit card bills you choose to discard.
  • Thoroughly cut up all old credit and debit cards so that no information is legible.
  • Before getting rid of your computer or smartphone, make sure to wipe the hard drive clean.
  • In the world of information technology, Dumpster Divers try to retrieve information to carry out attacks on computer networks.
  • Seemingly innocent information like a phone list, calendar or organizational chart could assist an attacker to gain access to the network. Shredding to protect personal information is absolutely essential.

Your trash can be an identity thief’s treasure. Make sure to protect your personal information, preventing your from becoming a Dumpster Diving Identity Theft victim.

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