Don’t Fall Victim to Phone Scams

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Don’t Fall Victim to Phone Scams

Phone fraud schemes have likely been around as long as there have been telephones, but recently, a scary revival of an old Revenue Canada scam has been making the rounds.

Scammers represent themselves as being from Revenue Canada, suggest to those who get the calls that they have unpaid taxes, and threaten them with arrest if they do not send the supposed “tax” amounts following the fraudster’s specific instructions.

Police departments and Revenue Canada issued statements to alert the public about these scams, and the federal government provides detailed information on its website. Let’s start with some basic advice:

How to Avoid Falling Victim to Phone Scams

  • Be wary of inquiries requesting any kind of personal information. Legitimate government sources will not call you in an unsolicited manner.
  • Do not give out personal information, bank account information, or credit card numbers, etc., if you receive a call that you did not initiate.
  • Legitimate companies will not tell you that you must pay a fee of some sort to redeem a prize that you have won. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is!
  • Trust your gut instinct. It is not unkind to hang up on a suspicious call. Protecting yourself and your family must be your priority.

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