Do You Depend On Visitors Frequenting Your Retail Space?

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Do You Depend On Visitors Frequenting Your Retail Space?

There is a growing demand in the Retail Industry and the Automotive Trade for systems to analyze visitor frequency and behavior in show rooms.

Knowing how many people go in and out of which entrance during the day, or which display attracts the most visitors, can provide valuable information for marketing and personnel planning.

How much money are you willing to pay for business analytics like heat mapping and people counting?


Did you know that heat mapping, line counting, and many other motion based events are all included at no additional cost in all Mobotix cameras?

MX-Analytics - the camera-integrated video analysis tool designed by Mobotix - makes it possible to collect statistical behavior data on people and objects.

If you depend on visitors frequenting your retail space or show room, analytical software integrated into your security camera system can help you optimize your marketing and personnel planning.

Expect more from your camera system!

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